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AC90 and FCP 7/X-Encode/Load and Transfer Panasonic AG-AC90 1080p AVCHD to ProRes for Final Cut 7/X

Panasonic have a bit of a thing about three sensor camcorders, and the Panasonic AG-AC90 is no exception, having three, 1/4.7”, backside illuminated, CMOS, 1920x1080 sensors. 1/4.7” is very tiny, but the backside illumination should help with the sensitivity and, of course, three sensors means no Bayer pattern. It’s worth noting that the tiny sensors will result in diffraction limited resolution at pretty much any aperture you set on the lens.

The sensor output is compressed using AVCCAM and recorded to SD card (there are a couple of slots). Available frame rates are 1080/25p, 1080/50i, and 1080/50p (with 576/50i, if you like that kind of thing) at data rates up to 25Mbps for the 50p. I’m generally not a big fan of AVCHD/AVCCAM implementations (the CODEC is fine, but hard to do) – though the most recent cameras seem to be getting much better. The AC90 is no exception here, with far fewer compression artefacts than past Panasonics. The image quality itself shows great tonality and colour – products of having three sensors – highlight detail in particular is beautifully rendered. Unfortunately, resolution was very poor – obviously not helped by those tiny sensors and the resultant diffraction limitations.

While, the users would get frustrated when import Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCHD to FCP for further editing. The trouble is mainly caused by the incompatible video codec AVCHD for Final Cut Pro. Some users have found the solution Log & Transfer that can import and transcode AVCHD to ProRes, but there exits some limits. First, you’d make sure software version is FCP 6.0.6 or later. Secondly, you’d make sure the MTS files to be in the AVCHD structure. If not, you can't use Log and Transfer. So, how to solve the problem in an easy way?

Well, the best solution is to find a Panasonic AG-AC90 MTS converter to transcode the clips from Panasonic AG-AC90 to Apple ProRes which is the best compatible format for FCP 7/X.

Preparation: Find a best third party program to convert MTS files from Panasonic AG-AC90 for FCP 7.

The best third party program that many persons use is Brorsoft AVCHD converter that is one of the best and professional converter which can help you to transcode .mts files without quality loss. The following is the steps about converting Panasonic AG-AC90 MTS files to FCP.

Step 1: Install the best Panasonic AC90 AVCHD to FCP converter you have found, then imput the recordings to the program.
Tips: You can imput a number of files to the programs, and if necessary, you can use the function "Merge into one"

Step 2: Choose the best compatible output format--Apple ProRes for FCP 7.

Step 3: Adjust audio and video parameters in Profile Settings. You can change the default codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel according to your needs and optimize the output file quality.
Tip:Set video size as 1920*1080, video frame rate as 30fps. If the clips are recorded as 50p(PAL), then 25 frame rate is the best choice for you.

Step 4: Click the arrow button on the main interface to start Panasonic AG-AC90 AVCHD converter for editing in FCP 7.

After 100% accomplishment, you just need to click the "Open" button on the main interface to find your converted file. Afterwards, you can edit your Panasonic AG-AC90 recordings in FCP 7 easily and effortlessly.

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