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Connecting Nexus 10 to PC for Moving Movies, Muscis, Photos to Google Nexus10

If you want a tablet for basic things like email, web, gaming and apps, Google Nexus 10 is the best option for now. It is both cheaper and better than most of the competition.With the Google Nexus 10, Google and Samsung have managed to come up with a technological wonder. Google has made the right calls in term of aesthetics and industrial design, while Samsung was able to bring the best hardware to the game. The display is beautiful and the system has enough muscles to handle any media you throw at it.

When you got a NEXUS 10, what will you intend to do with it?
For me, I would like to move my favourite videos, musics and pictures from PC to Nexus 10, thus, I can enjoy them on a trip or on the go. But the question is : How to connect Nexus 10 to pc?

Well, here I’d like to share the way to transfer music, pictures, movies to Nexus 10 from PC via the USB at your hand with all the potential users of Nexus 10 tablet. This connection uses the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which is supported by most recent versions of Windows.

Windows Transfer
Note: Remember, your Nexus 10 will only recognize the files you’ve transferred if:
a. The file is a Nexus 10 supported file type like H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC.
b. Files are free of digital rights management (DRM) software.

Step 1. Connect your Nexus 10 to the USB port on your computer. Its USB storage is mounted as a drive and appears on your computer screen.
Step 2. Copy video/music/picture files back and forth as you would using any other external device.
Step 3. When you finish, eject the Nexus10 from within Windows before unplugging the USB cable.

If you wanna transfer MKV/FLV/WMV/AVI/MOV to Nexus 10 from PC for playback on the go, the priority you need to do is to convert these files to a Nexus 10 optimal video MP4.

To make the conversion task easy and fast, an easy-to-use video converter for Google Nexus 10 is necessary. You can get this top Video Converter for Nexus 10 to make it. It can output the best quality video for you playing on Nexus 10 at fast converting speed.

Perhaps some of my friends still encounter other minor problems while trying to connecting Nexus 10 to PC for moving music, picture, video files. Following list the most common problems I found for your reference:

FAQ 1: Been trying to transfer movies over to my Nexus 10 but having trouble. The problem is when I connect via MTP it starts to install the drivers, few seconds go by and then finishes by saying the drivers were not found. I've owned a few android devices, my last being the nexus s and have never seen these issues before. Any ideas?

We may figure out what your issue was. Is there an ADB driver installed for the Nexus 10? If so, uninstall it, and MTP should work. You can reinstall the ADB driver afterwards as well and it'll usually work fine.

FAQ 2: On Nexus 10, how to easily transfer photos using camera software?

You can put the Nexus 10 into Camera (PTP) mode by going to Settings > Storage and then selecting the menu in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can select “USB computer connection”, which allows you to toggle between MTP (which is the default) and PTP which lets you transfer photos using camera software. PTP also works on computers that don’t support MTP.

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