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Sync videos from Sony Nex-5R to Mac-Enable Sony NEX-5N AVCHD to work with iMovie/FCP(6/7/X)

Summary: Sony Alpha NEX-5R boasts a top ISO of 25,600, and can capture AVCHD Progressive videos (1080/60p). If you don't know how to import Sony Alpha NEX-5R AVCHD 1080/60p MTS to iMovie on Mac Mountain Lion, you can follow this article, and you will know how to sync videos from Sony Nex-5R to Mac (iMovie/Final Cut Pro) Editing.

As I just got the Sony NEX-5R camera, so I'm trying to upload videos to my mac from my camera . For whatever reason it won't upload the videos. I connect my camera and the pictures are there but not the videos. I have a USB card reader and it doesn't change anything.

So then I used google search to find the best solution, luckily I find this "Step by Step Help" shown as below:
1. Turn on the camera.
2. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
3. Set the camera to Mass Storage or USB Mode.
Note: If the iPhoto software automatically starts, close it.
4. Open the iMovie software from the Dock or on the Finder Bar, choose Go and then Applications. iMovie will be listed as an icon in the Applications window.
5. In the iMovie window, click File and then Import from Camera.

6. Choose the method you want to use for importing.

7. Select the location to save the videos.
8. In the Create New Event section, type a name for the videos.
9. Click the OK button.
Note: The videos are copied to the computer. An Import complete dialog box is displayed when the import is finished.
10. In the Import complete dialog box, click the Import button.

But, since the camera uses the standard AVCHD format, it is unable to edit these videos on Mac. The iMovie software does not support AVCHD 60p video. How to solve it?

To be able to edit Sony NEX-5R 60p AVCHD in iMovie, we can set the camcorder to record in AVCHD 60i or AVCHD 24i. If you’ve already recorded videos in 60p, you can transfer the video directly to the hard drive of your Mac, and then burn it to a disc to be viewed on a different computer or television. Also, you can convert AVCHD 60p video to iMovie most compatible format AIC .mov with a piece of software.

I used the Brorsoft Sony NEX-5R MTS to iMovie Converter, it help me to enable iMovie to work with Sony NEX-5R 1080/60p AVCHD MTS video files smoothly. Plus, with this Mac MTS Converter, you can change the 60p frame rate to 30p perfectly fit with iMovie. If you want to get the full step-by-step conversion guide abot this , you can link here: Convert Sony Alpha NEX-5R MTS recordings to AIC for iMovie editing.

If you also wanna to using Sony NEX-5R AVCHD format in Final Cut Pro 6/7/X on Mac, here comes the step-by-step conversion guide on Convert Sony NEX-5R AVCHD clips to FCP 7 on Mac for easy editing. Happy Enjoy it!

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Essayhelp 07/13/2014 02:33

Well done I will make sure I visit the website the next time I search for the same topic. That was really helpful. Thanks.

Lionel Messi 07/13/2014 00:45

I have checked out those Sony items many times and I can totally vouch for their durability and reliability. This is something every Sony lover has noticed and talked about.

blogleaks 07/13/2014 00:25

Sony NEX-5R camera is unbeatable and no other camera quality matches this. We have seen other companies try to compete Sony, but this one has really won customers over. Thanks.

arsenalfan 07/01/2014 00:26

The result of this camera is perfect as most of my friends have been using it for a long time. All the functions and options are user friendly and they make you feel comfortable with it.

lalo 05/06/2014 09:58

I'm a active NEX users and very fond of NEX-7 for it's whole package. I bought this 5R as a backup camera to my NEX-7.